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Wetland Replication

Worcester, MA

Goddard Consulting (GC) took on this project after an Enforcement Order (EO) had been issued by the City of Worcester’s Conservation Commission for the unlawful altering of multiple wetland resource areas. The project went through changes throughout the process and resulted in the filing of multiple Notices of Intent. The first Notice of Intent (NOI) was submitted in July of 2012 in response to the EO and included pursuing a permit to expand the transit container area.

Before the NOI could be submitted, we had to do some soil testing to determine where the original line of the historical wetland was. What this means is we looked for hydric soil conditions in order to find where the wetland edge was before it had been altered. After gathering this data, plans were drawn up and the NOI put together.

The Worcester Conservation Commission approved of the mitigation and restoration measures proposed to be taken and requested that they be performed and monitored for two growing seasons before approving new work to begin on the property. However, after completing the wetland restoration the applicant decided to request a withdrawal of the previous NOI and instead filed a second NOI in February, 2013 covering a larger size project over multiple lots owned by the applicant.

On December 10th, 2012, before the second NOI was filed, a front end loader was stolen off the main site and driven alongside the existing building on 187 Greenwood Street, causing damage to the vegetated wetland area, before being deserted in a foundation filled with 8 feet of water and some debris.

Through a misunderstanding, the Conservation Commission saw the damage as the partial demolition of the building and issued another EO preventing any more activity within the 100 foot buffer zone.

The EO was soon thereafter amended to allow the full demolition of the structure and it was at this time the second NOI was denied.

On June 4th, a third NOI was submitted. Different types and sizes of mitigation were now added to the plans and other changes were made. On July 1st an Order of Conditions was finally issued, the EOs lifted, and the work allowed to proceed.